Welcome to Robbie Moore’s recording lab in Berlin


Tau Album

Look out for the new TAU album, recorded with me here at the end of January.. sounding huge, fuzzy and epic!

10 days of hurdy-gurdys, copal incense, single mic drum recording and bowie shrines.. the masters are in and will be out soon x

Anders Knudsen – Album and Studio Video

February 17th 2016

Danish superstar Anders Knudsen recorded his new album here with me in November, then came back in January to shoot a video for first single Monkey on my Back.. check it out!


New Studio!

Friday 24th July 2015

The new studio is finished! Still a few edges to polish and wires to connect, but the rooms are done, and recording has started… It’s turned out so beautiful, especially the floor.. so much work, but worth it now..

You can see my build blog here

I’ll be doing a proper photo shoot of the studio soon..

Until then..


Saturday 13th December 2014

I have found a new studio space! 175 m2 right by Humboldthain park.. starting construction tomorrow, recording by April.. watch this space for build pics and blog!


I have been scratching together trying to make what might sound like music since I was 7 years old, when I began to teach myself guitar and piano. I then spent many years unconsciously re-writing Beach Boys songs and making hissy recordings using my mother’s tape-to-tape function.

Not knowing if I wanted to be a musician or a plasticine cartoonist, when I was 15 I saw my opportunity – the lodger had moved out, so I took over the spare room and began turning it into my own 4 track cassette studio. Developing into an obsession, I barricaded myself in that room trying to figure out how to write pop songs until I had recorded 3 albums by the time I was 18, when I was kicked out and went to live with the Krishnas.

Getting married after a 3 day long psychedelic episode, and discovering when we woke up that we sang well together, we ended up at my father’s house, taking over his sitting room and recording 3 more albums in 2 years – which started to get some attention, including festival dates, good support shows and a sofa in a publisher’s office.

Well, fate was not on our side that time – a tragic death, petrol emotion and fragile youth left us in tatters and unable to pull ourselves together again. Out of the wreckage I clambered, creating what would turn into The Mores, rapidly growing into a 17-piece orchestral monster, and which in 2002 saw us as pioneers, being the first band to play many of London’s churches including Shoreditch and St. Giles, both now established venues. With 15 shows in little over a year, running an orchestra, 3 backing singers, a lighting rig, a bar, trying to convince doubtful vicars, I was getting married again every month!

Meanwhile a run in with a Smashing Pumpkins drummer had taken me to a dilapidated artists building where I began construction on my first ‘proper’ studio. Being poor, I acquired a blue Ford Sierra with a red door and a petrol leak and conducted a long season of nightly skip and bin raids across London, gathering together enough materials to build the studio, entirely out of things I had found, for free. Sound on Sound magazine were impressed enough to do a 5 page feature! Look here

Being in the middle of a creative boom in London, pretty soon I started getting people wanting to record with me, helping me pay the rent while we set about putting The Mores on to tape. Two years and one sideways studio expansion later an opportunity to move into the old SARM East studios appeared. Along with 2 partners, in 2005 we refitted the studios and quickly became one of the best places to record in East London, with a huge pooled equipment collection, impressive studio history and a perfect location on Brick Lane. So began an amazing few years both in the studio and on the road, recording, producing and playing on hundreds of sessions with the likes of Florence + the Machine, Glen Matlock and the Irrepressibles, touring with Babyshambles and Lefthand, and Mores releases with Ambiguous Records. In 2009 the business expanded and the studio relocated to Dean St, Soho, and is now one of London’s most popular studios. See here

As Dean St became more and more of a big business, I needed somewhere I could call my own, so in 2010 we converted our flat in Woolwich into a Joe Meek style setup, with tie lines running from the loft into each of the downstairs rooms. It even had a steam room/echo chamber! It was a beautiful place and I recorded albums for Rob Marr, Jackson Scott, Holly and the Wolf, and singles for Mr. David Viner and LA Salami there. See:

But with London life becoming strangely simultaneously slower and faster, and a Robot starting to breathe life inside me, a change was needed so in 2012 we packed up 18 cubic metres of recording equipment and drove out to Berlin!


robot Robot

Recorded: Robot HQ, London
Songwriter, Producer + Engineer • Vocals and all instruments except Drums

Recorded: Robot HQ, London
Songwriter, Producer + Engineer • Vocals and all instruments except Drums

Video here!

mores The Mores

When a man loves another man
Recorded: Bark Studios, London
Song co-writer + Co-producer • Vocals + Guitars

Video here!

Life after life
Recorded: Brick Lane Recording Studios + Robot HQ, London
Songwriter • Vocals + Guitars

Any other way
Recorded: Bark Studios, London
Song co-writer + Co-producer • Vocals + Guitars

Recorded: Bark Studios, London
Song co-writer + Co-producer • Vocals + Guitars

Until the end
Recorded: Brick Lane Recording Studios, London
Songwriter • Vocals + Guitars

Journey to the centre of the womb
Recorded: Brick Lane Recording Studios, London
Songwriter • Vocals

Salami L.A. Salami

Jianni’s from Australia (She’ll get by fine)
Recorded: Robot HQ, London
Producer, Engineer + Mix • Vibraphone + Guitar overdubs

Nazis on the northern line
Recorded: Rimshot Studios, Kent + b.s.a.m.o.g, Berlin
Producer, co-Engineer + Mix • Bass + Synth, Guitar + Piano overdubs


A selection of recent commercial projects.

AU Japan –  Summer 2015 Campaign



NEC – Lavie – Spring 2015


Kinder Germany – Valentinsdag



BVR – Volksbank – Spring 2015






San Francisco


Kinder Germany – Oktoberfest


Lohaco Japan


I have a studio right in the centre of Berlin, in one of the few remaining original artist’s buildings in the city. Surrounded by cafés, bars and restaurants, it is easily reached by U8 to Rosenthaler Platz or Trams M1, M8 and M12.


  • 2011 Mac Book Pro running Pro Tools 9
  • Studer B67 ¼” Tape Machine
  • SSL Alpha-Link 24 i/o converters
  • RME RayDat ADAT to Thunderbolt Chassis
  • Glyph Hard Drives
  • Tonelux V8 Roadster w/ 8 x MP1A mic-pre w/ Tilt EQ
  • (coming soon) 2 x drip electronics EMI REDD47 clones
  • 2 x custom valve mic pres from Rerun Electronics with super-tweakable overdrive capabilities á la Culture Vulture!
  • 2 x Urei LA4 Compressor/Limiter
  • Aphex 612 Stereo Expander/Gate
  • Eventide HM80 Harmoniser
  • Various cheesy reverb units
  • Yamaha NS10s with Quad 303 amp
  • Sub with Tommessen Crossover/Amp
  • Little Labs Redeye re-amping box
  • Cloudlifter CL-2 Mic Activator


  • Pearlman TM1 U47 clone
  • 2x Gefell M582 with M62 Capsule
  • Coles 4040 ribbon
  • Old EV RE20
  • AKG D12
  • AKG D19
  • AKG 414
  • AKG SE300B
  • Beyerdynamic M260 x 3
  • Beyerdynamic M201 x 4
  • Sennheiser MD421
  • Vintage SM57
  • Various telephone mics from different eras



  • 1961 Gibson ES125TC single P90
  • 1966 Fender Jazzmaster
  • 1999 Gibson 335
  • 1960s Hofner Senator bass, strung with flatwounds
  • 1990s Squier strat, a good one
  • 1960s Hofner 164 electric
  • 1950s Klira acoustic
  • 1990s Ibanez acoustic
  • Lorenzo banjo
  • Lap steel


  • 1889 Bechstein Model V upright piano, restored
  • 1970s Sperrhake 3 Manual Harpsichord
  • Early 60s Hammond M-102 w/ Leslie 122
  • Premier Vibraphone
  • Antique Xylophone, fully restored (and tuned!)
  • Hohner Pianet
  • Philips Philicorda
  • 1950s Farfisa Pianorgan, rare spinet model
  • 1980s Siel Cruise Mono/Poly Synth
  • 1970s Logan Piano Stings Synth
  • Early 1980s Casiotone 510
  • Korg R3


  • 1960s Trixon Luxus in Scarlet Pearl
  • 1960s Premier Royal Ace Snare
  • Trigger Perfect triggers
  • Roland TD7 drum brain
  • Various percussion


  • 1965 Fender Vibro-Champ Blackface
  • 1963 Selmer Constellation
  • 1990s Gibson Goldtone
  • 1980s Yamaha JX40
  • 1960s Dynacord bass cabinet with 15″ EV speaker


  • D*A*M 1966
  • D*A*M Red Rooster
  • Malekko Vibrato
  • Malekko Ekko 616 Analog Delay
  • Malekko Compressor
  • Diamond Tremolo
  • Infanem Second Voice Deluxe
  • Infanem Step
  • Fender Blender
  • TC Electronics Nova Repeater
  • Boss RV3 Delay/Reverb
  • Boss Auto Wah
  • MXR Phase 100
  • EHX Golden Throat
  • EHX Q-Tron


+49 (0)1736 351777